Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 SABLE

Those of you that know me, have seen my yarn room. Talk about SABLE... Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.... I actually have yarn stores asking bout MY stock. You also know that my mother is very sick and I'm stressing out due to her illness. One of the "reduce your stress" ideas for 2011 was to do something for others. I'd really like to, but I really just dont have the time.

But I decided yesterday that I do .... sort of. I always keep an emergency knitting bag in my truck. SO I've decided that I'm going to work thru some of that stash making scarves and socks for friends. I've had 3 friends loose a loved one in the last month. I thought it would be a little something I could do. I'll admit, it isn't much, but sometimes just knowing someone cares is more than enough.

I'll have to take a few pics of the stash and post later.

BTW ..another stress reducer is to go the the gym.... I already do that 6 times a week.

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