Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer ... and it's hot

WOW!! I cant believe it's summer already. Well.. as of tomorrow it'll be summer. We've been doing alot of yard work he last few weeks. uummm... let me qualify that. My significant other has been doing alot of yard work this last few weeks. I broke my foot back in April and still not walking all that well. So he's been doing the yard work.

It really does look nice.

I did however make it to MS&W. I was on crutches so it was rough getting around. Working in the booth wasn't too bad, I had a seat and could sit occasionally. Saturday was strange - warm and showing of rain.. Sunday was awful hot and muggy. Made crutches rough ... but I persevered and bought a bit of wool.

These earrings are folded paper. I thought they were cool!!

Eileen bought me The big Book of Wool. I really need to sit and read a bit. Oh... they m
oved everyone around and it
was rough finding alot of my favourites, but I did (on crutches no less...). Brook's Farm.... Miss Babs... Kapparoo Farms.... Maple Creek Farms ... found all of my favs some in new locations ... some in the same places.

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