Monday, September 26, 2011

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest

Whew ... just got back form Berryville, Virginia at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest.  We had a blast.  I was with my friend Eileen from Maple Creek Farms.  We did alot of knitting and talking.  Oh yeah - and yarn shopping....  Didn't go hog crazy because ... RHINRBECK is just a few short weeks away!!!

So here's what I bought...

Alpaca from Furnace Mountain Alpacas.  This is from one of their alpacas Gabriel.  I thought it was funny my nephew os Gabriel and my friend's son is Gabriel.  He's even the main picture on their page.  I just think alpacas are adorable!!! And they coooo!!!

ok - this is a place that I love her yarn colours ... Dragonfly fibers.  I still have some left over from last year but I couldn't resist.   Some sock and alot of lace!!!
 Now this was just FUN!!  I dont know that the colours are going to show up well - but its NEON!!!  This is from Wild Hare  they were across the isle from us and when I saw this - I just ran across and bought it.  I have GOT to cast on a pair of socks out of this TODAY!!

And my last purchase was this yarn bowl.  Isn't it pretty????  Now if I could remember WHO I bought it from..... I know their card is somewhere in either my purse, knitting bag or garment bag... but I'm not really sure where.... I'll post later when I find it.

Enough for blogging today - I got the day off and plenty to do.  Lunch with my sister and Aunt.  Then a dr appointment to get release for back issues ... Then make a birthday cake for a co-worker.
Whew ... back to work will seem like a breeze!