Sunday, November 3, 2013

Post MSW...

WOW... I thought I had alot of yarn before..... Now I have even more.  I played with it a bit this morning, but was so over-whelmed, I stopped.  I must clean... get rid of the yucky yarn and keep the nice stuff.  I hate to admit to becoming a yarn snob but it is true!!

Now I do admit there are times when acrylic is the correct choice.  I have not and will not knit something for a baby out of a nice wool or silk.  They are just going to throw up on it, or get it dirty in some way with body fluids.  And I'm not going to force a new mother to hand-wash a baby item.  They wont have the time - and the item will never get used.

So ... I'll keep some of the baby acrylics and use them to make baby blankets.  Usually if I dont know a baby or someone that is having a baby, I make them for Project Linus.  One of my favourite organizations. But the rest of it is yard sale bound.

Tomorrow is yarn clean up day.  So pictures tomorrow .....

Its Been A While

hhmmm... I cant even remember when I last posted anything. It was when I went to Vogue Knitting.  What an amazing weekend that was!!

And now that I read it... hahahhahaha - I still haven't finished the baby blanket.... and the baby turned 1 last month.  The other sweaters have been completed.  And now that its getting cold again in the MidAtlantic states, its time to drag them out again.

Also time to look at sweaters that I haven't worn for awhile.  Some I never liked, some I didn't care for the construction, some I just plain didn't like.  So since I had a really bad week at work, I gave myself permission to rid myself of the handknit sweaters I didn't like.  I de-constructed three (yep 3) sweaters.  One was a rib warmer that just never was big enough.  One was a roundish sweater out of Noro - I just never liked the way the ribbing didn't lay flat.  Third was a bolero made from Rowan Calmer that I just never liked when it was finished.  So they are all going to become something else.

And I feel better after taking them apart.

Oh - and I pinned out two shawls for blocking.

Yup - productive weekend.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year - No New Projects

So as I working on another scarf (I love knitting little scarfs - they really do pull an outfit together!) I think of all of the wool upstairs and the sweaters I need to start.

yeah - I have a bit of yarn.  And it is organized, to a degree or another.  Anyways - so I decided to start a sweater this morning.  Then I looked at the baby blanket promised to a niece over the summer.  Her baby is almost 6 months.   I need to finish that. Then I spot the afghan I need to finish for a friend's mother that's been sitting for a year.  I found the "Bigger on the Inside" shawl that I finished - but needs its tails tucked in.  Then the lace cardigan that I started last spring.... and the t-shirt sweater I started over the summer.  Found them in the bottom of my knitting bag.  The grey sweater that I knit last year, but still need to finish the front band and neck for.  Its assembled, I just need to finish it.  The baby bear outfit from Debbie Bliss book, which I now see the feet are backwards and the mitts aren't right.  Oh, and the cotton green summer sweater that I finished just after labor day, too later to wear for summer .

OH - yeah and I'm heading to Vogue Live in NYC in 18 days. (ok - I do have a pair of socks to start - but that's different, I need something to do on the train ride up and back)  And I'm taking a class in lace knitting.

I cannot start a new project.  I must finish these projects. No new projects ... must finish these projects.

There I've publicly said it.  I have to do it.  Stay tuned .....