Sunday, November 3, 2013

Post MSW...

WOW... I thought I had alot of yarn before..... Now I have even more.  I played with it a bit this morning, but was so over-whelmed, I stopped.  I must clean... get rid of the yucky yarn and keep the nice stuff.  I hate to admit to becoming a yarn snob but it is true!!

Now I do admit there are times when acrylic is the correct choice.  I have not and will not knit something for a baby out of a nice wool or silk.  They are just going to throw up on it, or get it dirty in some way with body fluids.  And I'm not going to force a new mother to hand-wash a baby item.  They wont have the time - and the item will never get used.

So ... I'll keep some of the baby acrylics and use them to make baby blankets.  Usually if I dont know a baby or someone that is having a baby, I make them for Project Linus.  One of my favourite organizations. But the rest of it is yard sale bound.

Tomorrow is yarn clean up day.  So pictures tomorrow .....

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