Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year - No New Projects

So as I working on another scarf (I love knitting little scarfs - they really do pull an outfit together!) I think of all of the wool upstairs and the sweaters I need to start.

yeah - I have a bit of yarn.  And it is organized, to a degree or another.  Anyways - so I decided to start a sweater this morning.  Then I looked at the baby blanket promised to a niece over the summer.  Her baby is almost 6 months.   I need to finish that. Then I spot the afghan I need to finish for a friend's mother that's been sitting for a year.  I found the "Bigger on the Inside" shawl that I finished - but needs its tails tucked in.  Then the lace cardigan that I started last spring.... and the t-shirt sweater I started over the summer.  Found them in the bottom of my knitting bag.  The grey sweater that I knit last year, but still need to finish the front band and neck for.  Its assembled, I just need to finish it.  The baby bear outfit from Debbie Bliss book, which I now see the feet are backwards and the mitts aren't right.  Oh, and the cotton green summer sweater that I finished just after labor day, too later to wear for summer .

OH - yeah and I'm heading to Vogue Live in NYC in 18 days. (ok - I do have a pair of socks to start - but that's different, I need something to do on the train ride up and back)  And I'm taking a class in lace knitting.

I cannot start a new project.  I must finish these projects. No new projects ... must finish these projects.

There I've publicly said it.  I have to do it.  Stay tuned .....

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