Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Blanket Re-Do

Ever make  a project.  Design it.  Knit it.  Look at it and go ... ugh?  I made a blanket for my sister's set-daughter.  I washed it to get the cat and dog hair out of it.  Some of the joins came unspliced, so I set about fixing them.  Blocked it and looked at it.  YUCK.

I knit in white yarn.  A basic knit not frills.  An eyelet border to run a ribbon thru.  I just did not like to looks of it.  I looked at it for several days ... Wednesday I took it apart and re-did it.  This time I crocheted.  I am soooooo much happier with it.  I just made it up as I went.  I'll tke a pic and post it tomorrow.

OH _ and if you get a cold and need to buy cold medicine - DONT DO IT!!  I practically had to consent to a body cavity search at WalMart just to get some cold tablets.  They added me to a database, checked my driver's license, and I had to sign a consent form.  When I asked what I was signing - the clerk told me it was a consent form.  I said I would nit sign unless I could read what I was signing for.  Her own fault really, when the verbiage came up, she clicked on "ACCEPT" and told me to sign.  So she had to void the sale and ring it up again. Sorry but I dont sing anything before I understand WHAT I am signing.

I'm going to take my cold medicine now and go to bed.

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