Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool

It's still 2 weeks away, but I'm already planning my purchases.  I may treat myself to a pair of Signature needles.  I have enough yarn to open my own yarn store, so unless I see something that I HAVE to have.....  And we know I will.

I try to keep it organized by type of yarn... sock, lace, DK, etc..  Sometimes if I know what it wants to be, I keep it in a project bag.  Or sometimes I actually buy a kit project.

I've been trying to finish the UFOs in my various knitting bags.  I've got one bag with 3 projects.  2 bags with 1 project each.  A bag in my truck with 2 small portable projects.  Like I said ... like I need more yarn.

But since I have no will power .... I'm sure I'll come home from MSW with more wool.

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