Monday, May 9, 2011

MSW - what a great show!!

Maryland Sheep and Wool was fantastic!! We got down Friday morning early and got the booth all set up  Being a vendor has its privileges - we got our t-shirts Friday afternoon and even a few from years back.  Saturday I didn't get out of our booth.  I rarely get out to shop on Saturdays.... I always shop on Sunday... can be a bummer as alot of booths sell out of the cool stuff on Saturday.

So anyways ... once i did get out - I got socks that rock - one for me - one for a friend.  Grit likes earthy colours so she got the skein on the right - I got the skein on the left.

This is 100% silk, the colour name is "Ruby" that's my mom's name and I wanted to make something lacy and pretty for her.  

I stopped by Brooks Farm to get some of their Mas Acero in the heavier weight.  Also picked up a cute pattern.

 I had to stop by Spirit Trail... I love their colours!! I got this in lace weight... I got a pattern from Wendy Knits Japanese Garden shawl.  I also picked up a few patterns for some lacy scarves and shawls.  I have to do something with this accumulation of sock yarn.

I had to stop by Kiparoo Farms to get some of their Silk Road yarn.  I love this stufF.  They also had a really nice pattern for it, so I got that also.

So as we packed up I picked up some sock yarn for pattern ideas.  Yes - I work the booth at Maple Creek Farms.... thanks to everyone that stopped by!  It was great to see some familiar faces and meet new people!

I did get the funniest pattern book EVER!! Rachel Danger's Monster Knits.  The cutest knitted monsters!! I had a pattern of hers from a trip to Webs.. but these monsters are the cutest!!

And to round out the weekend - I fell in the parking lot as we were leaving a restaurant.   Being the amazingly graceful person I am, I didn't see the curb transition from concrete to the macadam parking lot.  In my defense, the concrete sidewalk extended out into the parking lot and I couldn't see the actual step down.  So here I am the second year in a row on crutches.  This time however I did not break my foot, only a bad sprain.  And I can still drive!!

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