Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ok - so I've been working on a sweater that I reaaallly love, IK winter 2006 A Cardigan for Arwen... ok - so I am a geek and read all of the Tolkien books when I was a kid.  I've re-read them several times since then. I LOVED the movies and have all of them and watch them ...frequently.  So when I saw this sweater I knew I had to do it ... took sometime tho before I could fins a yarn that I likes.. so it's out of Rowan Summer Tweed, I think its called Butter Cup, nice yellow heather colour.  The pattern is a bit of cables to break up the annoying long stretches of stockinette stitch.  Oh - and the cables are reversable, so if the cardigan is worn open, the cables don't have a nasty side.  About 9 inches up I found that I crossed cables the wrong way...  I dont know how well the pic shows it but my needles are pointing to the wrong crossed cables.  Since its reversable, it's not as easy as just dropping those stitches down and crossing the right way .. soooooo After debating for a few days - I did the honorable thing and frogged.  So now I'm paying more attention and making sure my cables go the correct ways.

In my defense -  I did have eye surgery that morning and not didn't have good vision the rest of the day.  Note to self - after having eye surgery stick to stockinette stitch, no cables.

They  eye surgery was more annoying than anything, I had a torn retina.  Not detached (thankfully) just torn.  Quick ZAP with a laser and done.  Still waiting for my vision to clear. 

I did pick up some new sock books .... is a baaaaddd place.  I got the Wendy Johnson and Cookie A sock books.  Completely different styles of knitting an excellent balance.  One is toe up, one is cuff down.  I shall have to cast on this weekend from each and see how it goes.

Meanwhile - more pics of more yarn that I picked up in New Hampshire Sheep and Wool. First one is going to be socks.  The second is Puppy Love and Rabbit - going to be a one-below scarf. Some silk and rayon that thinks it may become a vest. And Maizy 9corn silk yarn) socks.

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