Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

So after leaving Maryland Sheep and Wool I headed up to New Hampshire for their sheep and wool festival.  More yarn fun!!

I did work at a friend's shop for this sale, but I still got some time to wander about and get some cool stuff.  hhm... I haven't gotten those picks off my camera yet, so I will have to do that shortly.  

Today we're sitting out in our front yard having a neighborhood yard sale.  So far so good, getting rid of all of the previous hobby supplies.  No yarn out ... that hobby I'm still working on.  But hte quilting, painting, scrapbooking, cross stitching ... you get the idea are going. 

Even selling off some baseball cards that I collected with my brother years ago.  Of course I am keeping the good ones in the house.  Although they are all asking if there are any old ones in there... for $1.00 are you kidding?  The ones marked $40 are the good ones....

In any case it's a good morning to be sitting outside and I'm getting my first tan of the season!!  Will add pics from New Hampshire stash accumulation later.


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