Monday, May 11, 2009

Maryland Sheep and Wool fun!!!

Oh wow!! the first yarn thingy of the year!  I went with some friends to shop on Saturday.  It was a rainy drive down, but once we got there, the weather was ok. We had some rain, but fortunately we were able to be in the barns when it rained.

We stopped at almost every booth, and bought at most all of them.

So there are just a few pictures of what I bought.

Socks that
 Rock ..... their colours are sooo cool!  So after standing in line for a bit (the
 line was realllly long so we circled around and
 came back when it was shorter and they still had some stock)  I haven't quite figured out a pattern yet ... but that'll come

Then over to Tess Designer for some silk/wool fora  spring like top.  
  It's a pale green colour really nice.  

Went to Kipparro and got talked into buying yarn by Steph, it took her a long time to talk me into it.  

Some other yarns form where I dont remember.

Barely had time to unpack that before heading up to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool with Maple Creek Farms.  More about that trip later, with pics of the cool stuff I bought there.

Knitted a pair of socks on the way up and back, I'll have the pattern posted shortly.

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