Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summer of Yarn 2008

This summer I spent alot of time traveling with a friend selling her yarn. Oh - we had fun!!!! I've made tons of new friends and learned more than I thought possible about yarns and sheep and wool and dying. Since my friend did all of the driving, I did all of my knitting. And buying of more yarn. I'm currently in a sock phase ... although I've been in that phase for a few years now.

And that's why I started this blog. I'm intending to knit up socks and add some patterns here and there. Oh - and maybe some other items depending on my creativity and amount of time.

I have yarn from Brooks Farm, Ellen's Half-Pint, Ms Babbs, Tess... oh my gosh I have a lot of yarn to knit up. So that's my winter project, knitting up socks and adding patterns to this site for all to enjoy. As I'm new to this blogging, I'll have to make my obligatory mistakes along the way ... along with the fact that my typing is poor and my spelling worse ... so hang on it's going to be an interesting blog.......

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