Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Sunday......

Yuck ... rain rain and more rain.  I'd rather snow. Ah well... spring is on its way and soon it'll be warm and we'll be out on the bike trail.

So I did finish the Manos de Urugua sweater this weekend.  It did turn out cute, although I'm not sure that I like cropped sweaters.  I'll see what it looks like on.  This is definitely a finish-the-UFO year.  I pulled out a sweater  I started last summer out of Lorna's Laces from Jimmy Bean Wool. It the colourway Amber's First Kitchen... pink, brown and green.  Also a vest I started out of yarn from Brooks Farm.  Cant remember the name of the contents, and naturally the label is loooooonnnng gone.  Glanced at a sweater out of alpaca, but I really didn't feel like working on the cables.  Plus I dont like the sleeves of the sweater, so I have to re-design them.

On the plus side, the baby blanket below was used in a photos hoot!!  The parents of the baby it was made for, had taken the blanket to the hospital to bring the baby home.  When they went to have the professional pictures taken, the photographer liked the blanket so much, it was used in all of the pictures!!

I'll have to post pictures of everything later.   I need to charge the camera batteries.  Pictures to be coming soon!

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