Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I dont have a problem... I can stop whenever I want.....

I hope there is no 12-Step program to stop me from buying yarn.  My fiancee may disagree, but I love yarn!!  I enjoy looking at yarn.  I enjoy fondling yarn.  And I enjoy bringing yarn home.  I can stop any time.  I just dont want to. Not an addiction, just an obsession.

I spent 3 wonderful days at the Michigan Fiber Fest in Allegan Michigan.  While it is true that on Saturday we had horrific thunderstroms and on Sunday lost power for most of the day, it was still wonderful.  And I did emerge with lots of new yarn!!!

From Left to Right:
first 2 Studio June Yarn,
next Heritage Hand Paint,
 last 2 Miss Babbs
The Studio June Yarn, the blue one is a fabulously soft Baby Alpaca lace weight.  The red and black is part of a collection I'm making of red yarns for a shawl.  My mother's name was Ruby, whenever I'd be at a show, if a yarn was called Ruby, I'd buy it.  Unfortunately Mom passed away last month, before I could make her something named Ruby.  So I'm expanding the collection to include Red/Grey/Black and will make a shawl incorporating all of these colours. The Heritage Hand Paint is a silk merino - not sure what it will become, but it was calling to me.  I just really liked the colour combos in the Miss Babbs yarn, and they had the perfect pattern to go with it.

From top to bottom:
Blackberry Ridge.

The pink yarn is a silk/wool blend lace weight.  They also had a beautiful lace neck scarf, with beads... while I dont usually like beads, I think it'll sparkle perfectly.  The blue/green/yellow variegated is a silk... need I say more?

From top to bottom:
Bleating Heart Haven,
The Weavers Loft,
the last 2 Socks that Rock
My friend J loves RED yarn, so I picked up this red for her.  I think she'll like it.  The turquoise/brown/purple is 2 different spins of  Rayon/nylon and cotton. I think they are going to get blended into a t-shirt type summer top. Socks that Rock ... need I say anything about what they will become????
Well now that I've caught everyone up on my yarn purchases ... I need to get caught up on house work.  It rained all weekend, so B couldn't mow and now the lawn is OUT-OF-CONTROL!  The cats are well... cats and the house needs vacuumed.  So no knitting today ... I gotta CLEAN!!

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